Aus Daimon

Thomas Feuerstein


Pace the routine, I’m a machine

Paralyzed and isolated

Dissociated and incubated

Mind obsessed, thougts processed

Action, perception, intersection

Brain recording, speech performing

Stuck state believing and punch reframing

Backtrack the brain, I’m insane

Log in logger, conspiration blogger

Brain is a server, demons get nervier

Command, control communicate

No alternate to altercate

No access to need, to inspiration and deed

I act under order, I feel the limit and border

Backtrack the brain, demons eat my gain

Invasion of persuasion, triggers alienation

Command the diction, my life is fiction

Confabulation, political irritation

National phobics and mental disease

It;s the breeze of media sleaze

Pain reliever, I’m a reciever

Backtrack the brain, I feel so inane

Survey of mind, double bind

Empathy of hierarchy, ego state ideology

Narrow bridges to the future

Black hole corona suture

Trebanation and mind inspection

This is psycho pop reaction

Backtrack the brain to hell of fame

Infestation of information

Demons surround all the time

Pick up the psychic line

Demons are embedded

I’m infiltrated

Backtrack the brain, all attempts were in vain

Invisible hand, catches me behind

Sleight of hand, sleight of mind

Moment of excellence, pacing my existence

Calibrated loops play the snoots

Demons last stay, I’m away