Aus Daimon

Thomas Feuerstein


From the mouth to the ass, lives the death

A worm in my ass, sneefs my gas

He is the wight of the night, fights insights

He is embedded, I’m infiltrated

Lives in the shit, reproducing bit by bit

His paradise and womb is my tomb

He is a tapeworm and tapes my bowel

He is the beast in my belly, producing jelly

A sexmachine, a plant of egg



Tapeworm and sexmachine

Scrambles my intestine

Makes the sound in my bowel

Speaks to my wife, eats my life

I’ve a worm in my ass, in my intestine and gas

Don’t tell me a story, I’m not stupid and worry

Don’t speak to me, site out me, bite me!

I don’t give a shit for a slip-slippery-slip



Babe, I’m taped

I’ve a tapeworm in my ass, scrambles my intestine and gas

My brain is a drain

A shit-shit-shittery-shit

A scatology hit

He is the agent of alienation

The intestinal parasite of exploitation

He speaks in my belly, he stimulates telly

He controls my life, is the master of my wife



Sleight of ass, sleight of mouth

Demon lives in my house

He is the agent of my desire

He does the hire

Master of thought, master of voice

Give me grace, give me choice

Pace my way to the grave

My tomp is your womb